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Wings pt. 2


1 lb. wings

Croix Valley Barbecue Booster Garlic Seasoning

Croix Valley Sweet and Saucy Barbecue Sauce

For Grill:

Bourbon Pellets from Maclean’s Outdoor


  1. Thaw out 1 lb. wings, pat dry for crispy skin.

  2. Lay out on a cookie sheet or cutting board. Season with Croix Valley Barbecue Booster Garlic Seasoning.

  3. Clean your grill with Great Scrape!

  4. Prepare grill with Bourbon Pellets

  5. Place on grill or smoker at 325

  6. Turn periodically for even char, while applying sauce each time your turn them.

  7. Remove from grill, and enjoy!

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