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"This was a Father's Day gift for my husband, who loves no- frills life and products. He was like a kid using it the first, came in from the deck, so happy showing me how it was "grooving"! Thanks for a well- made scraper."

— Margaret

"I love to barbeque and this works great with my Weber grill"

— Andrew

"Purchased three of these for my husband and two sons for Father's Day. They work great!"

— Carolyn

"After using this grill scraper for a busy season of barbecuing, I can say it is definitely the best grill scraper I've ever had and it does not have the danger of wire brushes.  I use this with a gas grill and it works exceptionally well"

"Works Great. I always clean the grill when I'm done. This Great Scrape removed food from the my porcelain grates very easily with damaging the coating on the grates and this Great Scrape is also easy to clean. Absolutely love it."

— Penny

— Legin

"There have been a lot of news reports about metal bristles getting into people’s food when they clean their grills with old-fashioned metal bristle brushes. I had the opportunity to review a great product that will take care of this issue for you."

— Ronnie

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